Sunday, September 28, 2014

Shopping Spree!

I love shopping local. One of the best local stores is Be Creative, and I went on a bit of a shopping spree there yesterday. They are the only local "in person" store I have found that carries Wink of Stella, Pan Pastel and a huge selection of... well, almost everything! Not to mention the best double sided tape - Sookwang

One of the best things about Be Creative is they strongly support another local company, In The Making.  In The Making is better known for their most popular product, Glitter Ritz

In The Making also have their own die cuts, Dee's Distinctively I got some of both product today! Along with some Memory Box, Impression Obsession, and a Sakura white Gelly pen. 

The one thing I can't contain my excitement over, Be Creative had a set on 72 Prismacolor soft core pencils. So I bought it, I tried to resist but couldn't! I can't wait to get to colouring and cutting!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Christmas with Gamsol

I have been looking forward to this since I got these Clearly Besotted stamps. On these cards I have used some basic stamping, Gamsol, and... yes I am going to say and admit it, even say it out loud... my old Crayola pencil crayons. 

There are a few ways to use Gamsol, but I just kept it basic and got some good results with my Crayolas. Yes, the better the pencils the better results. One day soon I will get a better set , but for now I'm pleased with the results! 

First I started by playing around with the stamps and dies. The dies are solid so it's best to die cut first then stamp the image, I hold mine in place with some washi tape. The 110 lb card stock worked better as its smoother and could hold up against the Gamsol. I used my Memento tuxedo black to stamp as I wasn't sure how things would work the the Gamsol, and turns out Memento was perfect! I used the same process on all of the images I used. 

The image below was my first testing of the Gamsol and I had awesome results, but that's why it wasn't die cut first. I did die cut it out later, but it was really hard to line up being a solid die so it didn't cut very well. Thought I had it just perfect and... well... not the case, still adorable, but not what I had envisioned - live and learn! :)

Next was to add the colour. I didn't use the blending etc. that Gamsol is known for, instead I did my own thing. First was a thin/light coat of crayola - little to no pressure and just glide the pencil over the paper. I wasn't trying to be perfect but just getting coverage on the image. The areas where there should be some shading I went back and added a second layer. 
Once the image was coloured I applied the Gamsol, starting at the lightest colour and worked into the dark. It doesn't look like much in the above picture I took, but just wait! I love how the Gamsol blends out any pencil lines, and brightens the colour. 

Just look at the difference! It really makes the shading come out and come alive. Gamsol virtually erases all the pencil lines and gives a smooth even appearance. 

After this success, I then went and die cut then stamped one of each of the stamps from the set, coloured, and applied Gamsol. It soon turned into a little army ready for cards!

Once coloured and the army was prepared for crafting, I went back and added some Wink of Stella to the star on the trees, and to the whites of the hat on the bird and snowman, and then to the nose of the reindeer. Once that was set I did a second coat on the star then covered the star and noses with Glossy Accents. From my sample piece I learned to never use glossy accents then die cut, despite it being dry for over 24hours.  

Once the Glossy Accents was dried, I set to the task of matching my die cuts to papers. Next time I will choose papers first then colour to match. I just think that far a head and wanted to use my stamps... that's how things work with me. I used a variety of papers from DCWV and Recollections. 

To finish off the cards, I used various embossing folders from Sizzix, foam tape and some sequins on one of the cards. I also used the sentiments from the ornaments4Christmas set for banners to tie everything together. 

Here are the finished products!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Mail Call #3!

Ok, I know what you are thinking... WOW she's been getting a lot of mail lately.
Well, what can I say, there's been some great stamps coming out! When I love something I have to get it before they are gone or I lose my ideas... maybe one day I will share my idea book... hmm...  Back to the mail!

This one I am SOO excited about. A few days ago I wrote this post about Winnie and Walter's This Awesome House. Well... IT'S HERE!!! I'm surprised how fast it got here too, only about a week. Love that it came in bubble wrap packaging, and that everything was tied together in this little bundle.
How awesome is this little tag they added?! And sequins! How can you not love getting bonus sequins!! Awesome little touches.

I can't wait to get started on some of my ideas for this stamp.

There was a second package as well this time... My Die Hard club by Stamps of Life has arrived! This one is ornaments4Christmas
These ornaments and sentiments are adorable, and I like that they also give you a little Idea card.

Coordinating stamp/die sets are one of the best craft investments for me... no fussy cutting!!  I can't free hand draw, cut or trace a circle to save my life so this set is fantastic! Now to get the matching set moreornaments4Christmas. It will have to wait a little bit though.

In other crafy news, my order from the Scrapbooking Made Simple sale is being processed finally, and will be on its way to me soon!! Oh that will be a fun post!
They made no promises on shipping times due to the size of the sale, it is by far their biggest sale of the year, and some of the best prices I have even seen on die. Some of the Sizzix dies were going for a dollar...  A DOLLAR!! Other Sizzix items were up to 50% off and the rest of the store was 20% off I believe. I ended up placing 2 orders because... I had no self control. But everything is super useful and I have ideas for, not just wants.

Lastly, World Card Making Day is coming up... more news on that later!

Happy crafting!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Craft Room Tour

OK! So this is one of my favorite things to watch on YouTube... Craft room tours.
A wonderful way to get ideas on organization and storage.

Two of my favorite bloggers (Jennifer McGuire, and Sandy Allnock) have amazing custom craft rooms, yes I am a little jealous. One day I will have one of my own... one day...

...ok, back from the day dream...

Here is a glimpse at my current Craft room / Home office (yes, I work full time from home.) I should really call this a glimpse into my crafty world/life/organization tour... nah to long. 

I happened to have amazing timing when I took this picture. Normally the window doesn't get this much natural light. It's looking out over my deck, and under another deck (the joy of being on the second floor...) but I do have this huge lovely tree in the courtyard I get to look out at. It also helps block out the noise of the highway most of the year.

Here is my beautifully cleaned, never to been see like this again, craft room!

This room is an ever going work in progress, as are my storage solutions.  I have many more ideas, but this is where I'm at right now. Yes this second bedroom is on the small side, but it working just great. I wont go and show everything in every bin, or drawer, but I'll glance over whats in them. 

On the right is my work from home office tucked away in the big computer cabinet, right beside the door. The work that pays the bills, not the craft work I enjoy... On top of that right now I am storing my large wood stamps, my ribbon tree (a jewellery tree I got but I found it tarnished/reacted with some of the jewellery so I re-purposed it for some decoration with ribbon - not the most ideal or functional ribbon dispenser but hey! its cute, it works for now) and my large Sizzix dies. Lastly my Ottlite, I love that thing so much. It gives off a more natural sunlight vibe, love this specially for taking pix. It really fills the whole room for being such a small lamp. 

Beside my office I have my rolly-cart (given to me by my mom, no idea where she got it sorry. Though it does look like the ones you get from Micheal's) that my wireless printer sits on, as well as a little frog candle holder for those times I need a little relaxation. I LOVE this printer so far. I have yet to print photos (photo express here is cheaper and better quality than buying ink) but everything else is flawless.  And, what I got it for... IT PRINTS CARD STOCK. Can you tell I'm still excited by that?  

The coloured drawers hold mostly stickers (I was on a huge sticker craze when my mom first introduced me to scrapbooking.) some boarders and other embellishments. The bottom drawers hold my punches and all my card bases and envelopes. The top purple drawer, which is conveniently in reach of my desk, holds all my commonly used inks. Mainly Distress inks and others I reach for often, like my Memento tuxedo black for Copics, Versamark, etc.

I've always loved frogs, so I have frog slippers and a frog prince my best friend (Cookie) got me in Las Vegas hanging by my window when ever I need to smile. Then I have my little fan to keep air moving in the little room, its always to hot or to cold so that little floor fan keeps air moving and at the right temp. It's also great for when its super hot out and I need the fan on but cant have a tall or table fan as it would blow in my headset and all my papers around. The other side of my table is another lamp that has 3 bulbs and I can position which ever way I need for spot lighting, or work.

oh! and let's not forget my Adipose (from Doctor Who) and Sh-Amy from Big Bang Theory

My table is my glass top dining room table I got from Jysk shortly after I moved out. I love this table, it's huge but because of that I ended up taking it over for crafting in my living room. So I just moved it into the craft room (well, technically dad and brother did while mom and I talked organization and rearranging.)

The top of my desk I have my Ipod clock (awesome gift from my youngest brother) beside the large glass that I used for my frequently used tools like my wink of stella, QuickStik, glue pen, and scissors. Now for the baskets... I find these small inexpensive baskets help me stay organized and de-cluttered. Also I have my ranger craft mat on my desk, normally taped down so it doesn't shift as crafting. I just use painters or masking tape to keep it on the glass with out damaging the surface or either.  

I have a larger wire basket to hold my (moms) acrylic blocks and corner rounders - I have the little blue (sorry I don't know what size) Creative memories rounder and a fancy EK success corner punch. There is also a purple basket to hold my partly complete cards usually ones that just need a sentiment and off they go, the black  long basket which holds my pre-cut blank card fronts and water colour paper so I can grab and craft. The other side is card fronts I have partly started from left over ink on my craft mat or trial and error of products together that actually worked well.  Lastly, I keep a basket for my recent stamp/die purchases, or ones I am using on my current project. Since getting more in to the card making, and now blogging, I do keep my stamps in or with their original packaging so I know what product I used and where it was from. 


Tucked just under my desk is my Big Shot on a small side table that came in a set when I got my living room coffee table. There were 3 tables in total 2 taller and then this little small short one. I didn't have room in the living room once I got my air conditioner in place (I wouldn't survive in here getting the sun all day in the summer) so for a while it held a plant in my bedroom but now plays host to the big shot.

As dad and brother were moving my tables around, I was thinking hmm where am I going to store my Big Shot... on top of my computer desk is sturdy and has enough space but it is too high it would fall on me as I tried to get it down again(#short-girl-problems... I just used my first hashtag! my brothers would be so proud!!) so I got hit with this idea... the chair it was sitting on wouldn't work in the room but OH MY!! HEY!!! what about that little table... and there we go. its the perfect size to fit under the desk and I can drag it out easily as needed and the rest of the time time its tucked under the desk and out of the way. Perfect solution!! 

Ok, now for the most recent acquisition beside my desk. 
I got this 6 cube storage system from Bidwars (I don't have the official name, sorry. but I have seen it sold at places like Home Depot) and I used some cubes from Ikea for storage so items do go falling through the wire (trust me, it would happen)

The bottom 2 cubes are filled with my 12x12 page refills, 12x12 card stock and paper pads. The middle row black cube I keep all my smaller paper pads, some large almost full page scraps, and  my Christmas/winter 12x12 papers. The top row is one of my favorites! I got some magazine holders from Ikea, turned them sideways so the spine is facing down and use that to store my 8.5 x 11 card stocks. Sorted: white/black - neutrals - rainbow - patterns

They did fit the "proper" standing up way but it wasn't ideal for getting the card stock in/out and pulling the holder itself out isn't ideal either they are tucked in there tight they just fit. So having them spine down was perfect solution! 

On top of this rack I have my Fiskars cutter, but that usually ends up on my work desk I use it so much, and my most frequently reached for tools:

  • embossing powder, past and heat gun
  • glitters and swiffer sheets
  • double sided tape, foam tape
  • glue dots, tape runner, Xyron
  • glossy accents, multi medium,  liquid glue
  • a bunch of ink I got from my mom, baby wipes and stamp cleaner
  • random pens/pencils, rulers
  • paint brushes, gamsol and stubs
  • cutting mats, stamp pad, scoring board
  • buttons, sequins and googly eyes

I've probably missed lots of things but this place always changes anyways! yes, I have "acquired" a lot of stuff from my mom. I don't think she knows how much ;)

Ok, moving on to the rest of the room behind my desk.
In the cupboard... no I have not found Narnia in here (unfortunately) I have my scrapbooks - complete and empty, cook books, and jewellery making supplies. The top of this plays home to my cricut, jukebox, cartridges and some sizzix sizzlits sets. 
Were almost done!! I promise!!! I am considering making a video of this... hmm maybe the next time it's cleaned :)

Now the closet. This big scary place. Actually now that it's organized it's really not that bad. I do store more than scrap stuff in there but it is mostly boxes for my work PC in case anything needs to be shipped out for repair, and other boxes I may need to keep or couldn't part with yet.  

Lets start with the right side since this tour is going counter-clockwise anyways! I'll try and keep this part shorter and go into details later if some one asks. 

Top to bottom the boxes I can't part with yet. The bags are full of projects I haven't started to scrap yet. Mainly my Montreal and Germany trips. Tucked behind the wall is a small plastic drawer unit I have all my personal files in and things I don't use or access often like manuals (who reads them anyways?!) Then a crate full of extra computer parts (cords, keyboard, etc.) followed by all my tax stuff - yeah that icky stuff, but at least I know exactly where it is and its organized by year. I just spent half a day going through all the old bins and bags and folders cleaning and junking out all that kinda stuff and getting organized. Then I have some puzzles and board games in there as well. (YES!! I have Doctor Who monopoly and a few other versions though I seem to be the only one in the family that will ever play...)

The white rolly-cart is where I've been storing my Bling, some stamps that don't fit in/I havnt made room for yet in my binders. My super fancy ribbon drawer, extra stamp supplies (blending foams, extra colours...) a drawer of adhesive extras and lastly, there I keep my colouring mediums for now. I have some Crayolas (yes still experimenting with them until I can get a better set. They do work better than expected - hint hint at what is to come) and some Chalks and my small but growing Copic collection. Also my washi tapes, masking and painters tape, and my temporary adhesive for holding down stencils.

Oh and some pillows! You never know when you're going to need extra padding when sitting for long periods of time.

The left side is just as super exciting as the right!

We have some blank DVD and more boxes. Followed by my new shredder, some jewellery books and catalogs. And another basket of various things of my life I have found when cleaning out that I want to make a scrapbook of - like concert tickets, events I've been to or worked at. The next shelf are my binders. I have been using them to keep track of what I have in the way of stamps collections (mainly Stamps of life) my various inks. Dies and embossing folders are all in binders in here as well. (I will post later how I store those)

Next one down I have my 12x12 project bins that have all my pictures and papers picked out for the album I'm working on right now (Miami) also, one for my scraps. Beside them are... yup... More baskets!! these house my completed cards ready for craft fairs. Lastly is the blue bin which holds the things I use at craft fairs to display my jewellery - table cloths... that kinda fun stuff. 

And then there is the door and behind the door which is nothing special, nothing there... yet. 

So there we have it!! My first craft room tour in September 2014. 
I hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you have questions and I will most more details on anything 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mail Call #2

I'll keep this post short and to the point. It's pretty much an addition to mail call #1

I got my 2nd order from Clearly Besotted today!

The matching dies for the adorable Merry Little Christmas set are finally in my hand

Yes, I have been playing with them after work and will have a card soon!
here's a sneak peek ;)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the year... The beginning of winter product releases!

As a crafter, one of the things I look forward to the most are all the product releases. Unfortunately my wallet doesn't agree and it may start to cry. There are so much I want to get!

My top 3 right now are, and in no particular order:
  • Lawn Fawn
  • Winnie and Walter 
  • Simon Says Stamp

First off:

Winnie and Walter's This Awesome House

This Awesome House - Winnie & Walter, LLC

(picture credit Winnie & Walter, LLC via pintrest)

I saw this stamp set and could not help myself. I instantly fell in love with it and can't stop the ideas flowing! I placed my order and can't wait for it to arrive. 

This stamp is going to make some amazing cards. This would be perfect for: Welcome Home from a house sitter or pet sitter - maybe a little "report card" on the animal. How cute would that be! (Unless you were watching our dog, that may be a different story... I love you anyways Dex) 

Lawn Fawn

I've chosen just a few of my favs from this release, it's so awesome, and there so many there no way I could go over them all. The best part, almost all the stamps have matching dies! That's a HUGE plus for me. 

So, I'm not a huge fan of halloween cards but these new Monster Mash stamps are adorable. I'm thinking of all the tags and birthday cards that can be created from there little cuties. 

Now, critters in the arctic on the other hand I can't stop the flow of ideas! It seems so Canadian in a way  *hint hint*

There we have the love you a latte set. I can see so many uses for this set; invitations, get well cards, thinking of you... Mix in the milk and cookies set for even more fun! so many ideas! 

Deck the halls, sorry but you will have to stay tuned for my ideas with this set ;)

Last but not least, 

Simon Says Stamp 

SSS has come out with some amazing snowflake stamps and dies this season, but I can't wait to get my hands on the "Pile of Gifts" and "Brilliant Gifts" die set. 

I am a bit of a sucker for sentiments, so (eventually) I will be ordering this pack of holiday/seasonal stamps as well. 
pack includes: Inside Holiday Greetings, Peace on Earth, Essential Greetings and Many Thanks 

Also this die set looks amazing!! Season's Greetings, Deco Tree and Christmas Blessing. I love that these words can be used together, alone or mixed with other sets

It is Stamptember with SSS, so I will update more as they come! 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Happy Birthday Mama!

Today (Sep 5) I have a short entry.    

Happy birthday to my grandma! (aka, Mama) 

Unfortunately today I had to work, so tomorrow we celebrate with a birthday lunch
Here are some of the cards I have created... now to decide which to give her :)

These were some fast simple cards. I layered up the die cut words for some dimension (no way I could cut foam tape or pop dots to fit) and topped it off with some clear wink of stella. (full product list below)

  • Happy Birthday Die from Dee's Distinctively (In the Making)
  • Wink of Stella, clear 
  • Various card stock from Michaels/Recollections
  • Ranger's Multi-Medium, Matte 
  • Tombow's multi liquid glue and permanent tape runner
  • background card stock from DCWV Citrus matstack, and all dressed up matstack
  • and my old school fiskars trimmer and corner rounder punch from Creative memories

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mail Call!! #1

Super excited today, I received my order from Clearly Besotted Stamps.
Instead of tearing into the package like I normally would have, I decided to restrain myself and do a Mail Call, package opening.  Let me know what you think!

I just want to point out some of these stamps may no longer be available. I did get some on a clearance sale of retiring stamps

Air mail, straight from the UK! 
First off, I am LOVING Clearly Besotted Stamps's packaging. It really has a personal touch, and makes me feel valued for ordering from them. (I'm taking note for my own use)

It's all wrapped all neat and tidy in hot pink tissue paper, and hand signed. I love when companies have this personal touch.

Ok! the first stamp set: You can never have too many sentiments, especially celebration stamps.

Time To Celebrate Additions

This set of 7 stamps are the perfect size for cards with out overwhelming the card. Yet some techniques like masking off and heat embossing in different colours of detailed embossing powder can easily make these sentiments the focal point of the card.

This next set has matching Dies, and I am not a fan of fussy cutting, so naturally I had to order both stamps and dies. The dies came in this awesome envelope-board. it was folded over like an envelope but the back was a firm chip board style material. And I love how its labeled "please do not bend." I have to say this is the best/safest way I have been mailed die's so far. Not that I have ever had issues with any of the other shipping methods, this just stuck out as wow for me.
Blooming Marvellous
I have a couple ideas in mind that I can't wait to create and show you!

This last one in my order today is by far the best of the bunch in my opinion. Cute factor 10. 
Merry Little Christmas
The only thing that saddened me about this was when I ordered the matching Die set became sold out, mid order. I almost shed a tear, but I hesitated a few hours... So I only have myself to blame for that.  I wasn't going to let that stop me from getting the stamps though! Today (02 Sep 2014) I see that the dies are back in stock and I will be placing that order soon!

How can you NOT love this reindeer?!
I can't wait to bust out the coloured pencils and gamsol (aka. Odorless Mineral Spirits) or some water colours...  I'm imagining that red nose with glossy accents or a sparkly gem!
That's it for this order... now to get crafting!