Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Art Impressions

Art Impression, was doing a Design Team Reunion Blog Hop in early October. They had a fantastic giveaway! Seven people would win a stamp/die set from their new release. So very cool of them!
The best part, I was one of the winners! I am so excited for this, there so many ideas running through my head on what to do...

I've had the set for a week and a half now and I love it. There hasn't been time to create everything in my mind yet, but here is what I have so far:

I've used my Prismacolors and gamsol for a few, and some have been water coloured with a mix of my Peerless water colours, distress ink, and Dylusions sprays. Some were finished off with Wink of Stella.

When it came to storage for these mounted stamps I had to get a bit creative. I used the original packaging, glued part of the clear plastic to the back of the instructions so the cling mount had something to cling to. Cut it down to size, and now it fits in with the rest of my stamps.

Ok, Now for the cards themselves! I tried to use them in a few ways, and still working on a few others that I will post later. This first card I used my striped background, and Fern ink, both from Simon Says Stamp. After that dried I used my Accordion Circle Card by Elizabeth Craft Design, and some paper from Recollections. Sorry, I am not sure where the sentiment stamp is from, it was one I have "borrowed" from my mom.

The next two cards I kept very simple and classic with some beading thread I had tucked away looking for a purpose, the same paper from Recollections, oval & heart dies from Sizzix and sentiment from Kaiser Craft

Standard 4.25 x 5.5 card with Santa in spinning action
6x6 card to keep the integrity of the beautiful paper

Lastly, this one has to be my favorite card so far this season... Santa is so happy to see Rudolph!
Jumping for joy at the sight of his friend
I started with my standard card font 4.25 x 5.5 and added Be Creative double sided tape to the bottom that I had cut in a curve. next I used Glitter Ritz over the double sided tape and burnished. Sentiment is a die cut from Dee's Distinctively held down with multi medium matte. 'Rudolph" is from Simon Says Stamp Winter Friends/Cold Weather Friends.  The tree I made from a memory box die Ava Party Dress bits actually layers of a dress trimmed down and then I used liquid appliqué for the snow on the tree then set/puffed it with my heat tool. And lastly the star is from the Stamps of Life Tic Tac Toe set.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Post of a different type: Cooking adventures!

I figure should change things up a little bit today! 

Life has been a bit crazier than normal the last few weeks. So I have been digging around for some new slow poker (crock-pot) meals. And I have found a few gems. Most of these I have found and saved on Pinterest but as usual I made my own tweaks based on what I had on hand. 

I started with something I am not a fan of - pork. I made 2 different versions. One I would not make the same way again. The other was really good and I plan on making I again tonight but trying chicken! 

Cola-pulled pork It wasn't horrible but it needs more to it, like garlic an a stronger BBQ sauce. This time I used 1 can of cola, onion, and a BBQ sauce for ribs. Next time I would add some garlic, more onion and a bolder BBQ sauce like bulls eye. 

Smothered pork chops This one was delicious and I can't wait to try it with chicken. I actually followed this one exactly, and glad I did. I find pork can have an off taste sometimes. This time I actually did brown it with seasoning first and it made such a difference! I'm sure most people have seen those life hacks, or you have been doing this wrong your whole life... I used one of those with slicing the mushrooms with an eggs slicer. Totally worth it! Fastest method and evenly cut, why didn't I think of this sooner?! 

Another few I saw and tried were from a cook book I got for $5 at Chapters ages ago. Dirty Rice.  Now this one was between pay days so I didn't have everything required, but unused the basic idea and it turned out well. I only had a red pepper and celery, but it tasted really good.  I cooked a small flat steak in teriyaki sauce and cut it up to go with the rice. Perfect simple fast meal after a long day.  

Pineapple chicken. This was another fast easy perfect with rice kinda dinner. Could not be easier to make. Chicken, can't of pineapple, and some terrain sauce. I cut the teriyaki down a bit and added some water since I don't do well with to much sodium. 

This afternoon I put together Steak Soup. Super easy and so far very good.  Again, I made my version of it, more of a meal I added some celery and carrot in. 

I do have some crafty news, but that is for another day. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Craft Room update! and Wigs For Kids

This Vancouver weather has thrown us all for a loop, 2 days no power was interesting to say the least. In that time I got a lot of craft pre done! Dad and brother were able to come over and put up the shelves for me!! So very happy with this, the curtains will have to wait a little bit longer, but I got the shelves so I can start to really get organized for winter crafting.

 Not 100% done yet, but this is huge progress!

The last thing I wanted to touch on in this post was an idea I have been tossing around and wanting to set in motion. the last 4 years I have been growing out and donating my hair. This year, and going forward I will be donating to Wigs for Kids. Over the next 2 years while my hair grows out again, I want to try and do some fundraising to send with the next hair donation. The plan was to make up some card sets for any one that donate 25$ or more.  But I would love some additional ideas!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Working on the Craft Room

I was finally had a day off! and was able to get to Ikea and the dollar store to get a few things for my craft room.  Very excited for this. Specially to organize my inks and ribbon... this dreaded task of the ribbon... here's the current state after I emptied it out of the drawer...
This is why I don't like ribbon haha... now for the after! Just love these tables! 

I have also been working on my Ink storage, it got a *bit* annoying having them slide all over the lace and loose order every time I opened the ink drawer.  A big THANK YOU to Kristina Werner for putting out a free down load of the labels for Simon Says Stamp inks.  I'm finding they work for other inks as well!

My brother came over and helped me move this desk (down side of metal and glass L shaped desk... I can't move it on my own) now to finish the cleaning of said desk so Dad and I can put up shelves and curtains!

Next week is finally a vacation week for me, so I have packed a bunch of scrapbooking things to do at moms place. I will be spending a good portion of my time there with grandma recovering from surgery. If all goes well, I will complete my Miami book!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Amazon, Colours, SSS, and SMS

ok. I've gone off the deep end again with shopping, I can't seem to resist a good deal.

Amazon Prime day was kind of a bust for craft stuff, but I did end up ordering some fun foam, and 2 movies I have been wanting.

I few weeks ago now my brother an I finally went to this art store in town - an ACTUAL art supply store called Colours. They are based in Edmonton, AB, but have a store not to far from me.
 We were in heaven. My brother is into drawing and I'm into painting and colouring. I got some new good quality watercolour brushes, good watercolour paper and a prisma pencil colourless blender.

Simon says stamp had a surprise sale on, so I couldn't turn that down. I needed more storage pockets anyways. the stamps, die, and stencils worked their way into my order too some how.. must be magic :)

 Lastly, this little guy was on sale at Walmart. Have to try things out and see how well it works.

Then there is the Scrapbooking Made Simple sale that's still going on. If only our dollar was doing better I would have ordered more. but I got a bunch of Lawn Fawn stamp/dies at 20% off, and some sizzix stuff coming too! will do a mail call when those get here. very excited!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

#thedailymarker30day2 - week four/five

Day 22: Had a case of the CRANKIES , one of those days when you just feel off from lack of sleep - factors beyond my control - so I was headchy and just an overall unwell feeling. I needed something that would make me happy. more distress and dylusions water colouring, practiced my blending of the two. I'm quite happy with the results and the colours make me really happy as well.

Day 23: Woohoo for another day off finally. Finished Orange is the new Black, got some groceries and blessed air conditioner hooked up. I have been putting this off but its supposed to get over 33°C this week so I caved and finally got my air conditioner out. But needed dad to come and fix things. Try as I did the hose just would not stay put. Dad being the super awesome guy he is was able to fix it and I can tolerate the heat to come. In tribute to what I wish I could have done today... Water colour and prismas. I used the rest of the ink on the craft mat for backgrounds

Day 24: Today was inspired by Kathy's question on her blog abut shaker cards. I've wanted to do a shaker for a while but havnt gotten to it. Then I got hit with this awesome idea. I've been on a "water" kick lately with my backgrounds and loving my little whales. So, I took the baby whale from the Stamps of Life set and fussy cut - yes I know, I fussy cut - the whales out the copic coloured them. I cused 2 frames from sizzix and made these little guys "swim"

Day 25: Another boiling hot day, and my first fail this colouring challenge. Discovered my water colour paper can't take a lot of water. too much bleeding and pilling. BUT! the colours look great! The other card turned out well! I partial fussy cut the image from day 23, and added to a background from Day 16. Then added some wink of stella and glossy accents, popped her up and the water flat. turned out really well.

Day 26: Friday! at last! Waiting for some of this heat to dissipate... doesn't seem likely. I mixed my distress ink and dylusions again and got some great colours on this card. Would you believe the red is Aged Mahogany?

Day 27: So after my major fail I went to the local art store, and I was like a kid in a candy shop! But i used my self control and only got better water colour paper, 2 new brushes and a colourless blender for my prismas. this is just a little doodle to test out the paper.

Day 28: Well the heats here to stay... thankfully no work today so I bummed around and relaxed with my air conditioner most of the weekend. I started this little guy, and I was able to get some proper shadows in! later i added some black striped and turned him into Garfield :)   He may need some googley eyes...

Day 29: Watching paint dry.. literally! Tonight I played with some white embossing paste and water coloured over it for a resist... I really like the results! The peerless seem to actually stick to the embossing paste and tinted some of the circles. i tried a clean damp brush on it after but the colour has sunk in there.

Day 30: I'm sad that this challenge has some to an end. It's given me some motivation and shown what even 5 min a night can do. Now to go turn all the rest of the pieces into cards!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

#thedailymarker30day2 - week three

This week wasn't exactly eventful. I had to work the late/closing shift and the weekend.

Day 15: Another day at the grind stone. I did a simple little piggy and a white rabbit in blue.

Day 16: Today I worked on some of my jewellery projects, I finished a pair of earring for a friend of my boss' then packaged it with the Sizzix pillow box die cut. Som cotton balls to protect the goods... perfection! One of the best dies I have bought. I  made sure I got some colouring in too!! but I kept it simple and played with some Dylusions sprays for backgrounds

Day 17:  Was totally stumped for an idea for father's day card. I was browsing Pintrest before work and found this site: so i printed an outline version on card stock, used my prisma pencil and gamsol. then I went in and glossy accented the eyes. 

Day 18: woohoo for a day off work! I finished the remaining Angel earrings/pendants I was working on, some house work and a lot of Orange is the new Black. So again simple colouring with a blue/grey copic whale, didn't quite blend the way i hopped - i think i need better paper. I did have a happy accident along the way and discovered the my Copic colourless blender works like gamsol! 

Day 19: OK! a bit of crazy today.Finished cleaning and up met my boss for lunch and to give her the earrings I made. She brought me home, saw my new place, then worked a full shift while blasting my tunes. so all in all it was a decent day.  My little whale gave me some inspiration, so today I made water inspired backgrounds. - Distress, Dylusions and peerless all water coloured. 

Day 20:  wow, Day 20 already, this month is going so fast. Before work I stamped out a bunch of whales, and water coloured them on my lunch break. I love working from home! I did shades of brown/grey and blue/grey as well as 2 shades of grey. I was hit with an idea of... what makes an adorable what even more adorable... googley eyes! 

Day 21: Happy Fathers Day!   today was a bit of a bomb. wasn't a good work day - huzzah! for technical errors all day.  Then I headed out with my Darth Vader card to mom and dad's place for dinner. Got dad one of those HUGE Lindt bars for Father's Day then came home and went a bit out of my comfort zone with prisma colours and I think it turned out decent.