Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Inky Joy!

Well, as soon as I ponder what inks to buy first last week, Hero arts or Simon Says Stamps, because let’s face it - my ink collection is lacking - something wonderful happens.

I woke up and laying in bed thinking about my upcoming travel plans to visit family and a friend, had it in my mind ok, here's my plan for the morning - I'm going to go get a load of laundry in and then go buy that airfare. After that I was reading my horoscope by Georgia Nicols before starting my day and there was this

Moon Alert

Avoid shopping or major decisions after 1:30 PM EDT today. The Moon is in Sagittarius.

Now with my motto/mantra/code to live by, whatever you want to call it, is always "everything happens for a reason" so I took this moon alert to heart and put off buying my air fare.
It's a very good thing I did; within a few hours there was an email from SSS about 25% off their brand of stamps. So as I say... everything happens for a reason!!
Later that night after work (which is now about 30 minutes after midnight EDT), I got things all worked out and placed more order for the  collection of 39 inks from SSS!

I can't wait to get my hands on them and play with some of my new toys. As you know I can't resist and made another shopping trip to Be Creative and got my hands on one of those new Tonic Dies Moonglade Wishand some spellbinders I've been trying to get my hands on. Lastly I have placed 2 orders a little while back from SSS as well, for my birthday I used a gift card I had won from Laura Sterckx to get a new heat gun so my mom can have hers back now :) and they also had a code for a few mini stamp set for my birthday! How awesome is that?!

After my big Ikea shop for organization and storage, which is still ongoing as the craft/office/guest room won’t be done for a few months still which dad and I try to get things painted etc., I ordered some storage pockets so I can arrange my stamps more like Jennifer McGuire does as it’s so much easier and better is so many ways. I have them stored in these awesome colours shoe box sized storage boxes from the dollar store. SSS had also released a code for a free gift, so when I got these storage envelopes there was this awesome die cut from memory box, a stamp from Magnolia, some BoBunny Candy Jewels!