Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Working on the Craft Room

I was finally had a day off! and was able to get to Ikea and the dollar store to get a few things for my craft room.  Very excited for this. Specially to organize my inks and ribbon... this dreaded task of the ribbon... here's the current state after I emptied it out of the drawer...
This is why I don't like ribbon haha... now for the after! Just love these tables! 

I have also been working on my Ink storage, it got a *bit* annoying having them slide all over the lace and loose order every time I opened the ink drawer.  A big THANK YOU to Kristina Werner for putting out a free down load of the labels for Simon Says Stamp inks.  I'm finding they work for other inks as well!

My brother came over and helped me move this desk (down side of metal and glass L shaped desk... I can't move it on my own) now to finish the cleaning of said desk so Dad and I can put up shelves and curtains!

Next week is finally a vacation week for me, so I have packed a bunch of scrapbooking things to do at moms place. I will be spending a good portion of my time there with grandma recovering from surgery. If all goes well, I will complete my Miami book!