Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Post of a different type: Cooking adventures!

I figure should change things up a little bit today! 

Life has been a bit crazier than normal the last few weeks. So I have been digging around for some new slow poker (crock-pot) meals. And I have found a few gems. Most of these I have found and saved on Pinterest but as usual I made my own tweaks based on what I had on hand. 

I started with something I am not a fan of - pork. I made 2 different versions. One I would not make the same way again. The other was really good and I plan on making I again tonight but trying chicken! 

Cola-pulled pork It wasn't horrible but it needs more to it, like garlic an a stronger BBQ sauce. This time I used 1 can of cola, onion, and a BBQ sauce for ribs. Next time I would add some garlic, more onion and a bolder BBQ sauce like bulls eye. 

Smothered pork chops This one was delicious and I can't wait to try it with chicken. I actually followed this one exactly, and glad I did. I find pork can have an off taste sometimes. This time I actually did brown it with seasoning first and it made such a difference! I'm sure most people have seen those life hacks, or you have been doing this wrong your whole life... I used one of those with slicing the mushrooms with an eggs slicer. Totally worth it! Fastest method and evenly cut, why didn't I think of this sooner?! 

Another few I saw and tried were from a cook book I got for $5 at Chapters ages ago. Dirty Rice.  Now this one was between pay days so I didn't have everything required, but unused the basic idea and it turned out well. I only had a red pepper and celery, but it tasted really good.  I cooked a small flat steak in teriyaki sauce and cut it up to go with the rice. Perfect simple fast meal after a long day.  

Pineapple chicken. This was another fast easy perfect with rice kinda dinner. Could not be easier to make. Chicken, can't of pineapple, and some terrain sauce. I cut the teriyaki down a bit and added some water since I don't do well with to much sodium. 

This afternoon I put together Steak Soup. Super easy and so far very good.  Again, I made my version of it, more of a meal I added some celery and carrot in. 

I do have some crafty news, but that is for another day.