Friday, May 27, 2016


I've finally had some down time to craft! I had a week off in April so was able to get back to some crafts. It was a busy week spending some time with family and I did a dinner for my youngest brother and his girlfriend.

I was able to drag my "older" little brother on a shopping adventure with me. He found some cool records and I looked at the new (to me) art store. He showed me Chewy Junior. Fell. In. Love. I love cream puffs, and these ones were huge. Like bigger than my hand. SO good!!

No we didn't have these ones but we had to take a picture, 2 of brothers fav things,
Death Star, and KISS

I finally got to check out Opus art supplies Downtown Vancouver. They had both sets of Finetec but I restrained and only got this one. I'm really happy with the gold from the Gambi Tansi so I will get the golds later, and went with the multi colour pearls. Also picked up a refillable Copic 0.5 multiliner

 I have been playing with some of the goodies I got in Feb. I've been playing with the a Wizard stamp which reminded me SO much of Harry Potter. So I made a few cards that made it look like Harry that I plan on sending to my friend in Montreal. They were painted in layers with my Gambi Tansi. Originally I wanted to try gold stripes on the wall but that was a big fail, which is why I love water colour I was able to re wet and blend it into the background to make a shimmer red/gold wall which still fits in with Gryffindor. The white pearl made for the perfect glow from the lamp.

Harry Studies - Lumos!

Day Dreaming of Quddich
Until next post ... nox!